Can you imagine how you’d feel if you couldn’t read:

To your child or help him/her with homework?
Street signs or maps?
Job ads or job application forms?
Directions on labels?

Today, scores of non-readers from the more than 45,000 adults with literacy challenges in the Peoria area are learning to read at COMMON PLACE, thus increasing their changes for a job or improved quality of life.
Various opportunities are available to help adults learn:

  • Adult reading and writing classes with an individual tutor or in small groups
  • Math classes
  • Pre-GED Study
  • Supplemental computer-assisted instruction
  • Peoria Reads! and other special interest activities


You can help one person change his or her life by teaching that person how to read! Tutors are provided with an initial training workshop and later in-service training events. Students and tutors meet twice each week for about 1 to 1-1/2 hours each time. Classes are scheduled at the convenience of tutor and adult learner. Consultation with staff is provided on the best method and materials to use. A large selection of materials is on hand. Many learners and tutors meet at COMMON PLACE, but some meet in other churches and libraries around Peoria. In addition to 1-on-1 learning, COMMON PLACE provides small group and other learning opportunities.

Please call us COMMON PLACE 674-3315, to volunteer! Or if you would prefer to make a donation to help support this life-changing program, your tax-deductible gift will be gratefully received.

“This project was made possible by a grant awarded by the Illinois State Library (ISL), a division of the Office of Secretary of State, using state funds designated for literacy.”

4 Comments to “Adult Learning”

  1. I’m reaching out on behalf of my GED. I think it’s time I get it out the way. Deff in need of some assistance. Want to further my education. 317-766-8117

    1. Jeremy,
      Please call us at 309-674-3315.

  2. Hello I’m trying to get info about the GED Program, if their is one located at this location

    1. Call Common Place at 309-674-3315

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