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Diamond has a bright future!

“Diamond” is a third generation student at Common Place; both her grandmother and mother attended Common Place when teenagers. Her grandmother, Shirley, attended while in high school. After giving birth to a daughter, Shirley returned to Common Place to earn her GED with the help of Common Place tutors and staff members.  Her baby daughter, Jasmine, attended Common Place programs from an early age and, after graduating from high school with the help of Common Place tutors, attended a number of classes at ICC.  Jasmine’s daughter, Diamond, is now involved at Common Place as a middle school student. She attends our After School Youth Program and has been involved in a number of Common Place outreach opportunities. Diamond plans to follow her mother, who works as a CNA in a local retirement home, into the nursing field. Grandma “Shirley” believes that “If Common Place had not been there for her ‘back in the day’,  that the future for the three women in this family would have been nothing like the future we have today!”


To help children get a good start to their education and involve their parents in the process, Common Place provides:

*After-school homework help for area children:

*Application for admittance must be filled out.

Kindergarten through Second Grade After school homework assistance for neighborhood children in grades K – 2.  Enrichment programs such as 4-H and Cultural Tales.

Third and Fourth Grades
Working with 15 third and fourth graders. Both of the primary grade level programs meet four days each week concentrating on the children’s homework and increasing academic achievement. A broadening of their worlds is provided by   4-H and enrichment programs.

Fifth and Sixth Grades
For 20 fifth and sixth graders focuses on academic achievement with the addition of life skills and physical fitness.

Summer Camp
Summer Camp, ages 8 – 15 years, includes art with local artist J.M. Hunter; cooking camp at the U of I Extension office; and, gardening.

Find out more by contacting:

Common Place
514 S. Shelley St. Peoria, IL 61605-1837
Phone # 674-3315 / Fax # 674-0627

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